Useful Tips

When to come to Twin H Tree Farms

The Christmas tree season begins the day after Thanksgiving and runs through December 23.  If you can, come on a weekday–you’ll avoid the crowds. Remember that December days are short, so you should plan to cut your tree by 4:30 p.m.

What to bring

Our Christmas tree farm provides saws, will process your tree (shake,drill, and bail) if needed, and furnish extra twine for you to tie your tree to your car. * We can put your tree on your car for you, but we cannot tie it to your car due to liability concerns.* Thank you for your understanding!  Be sure to bring sturdy shoes, warm clothes, and gloves.

How to choose the best tree

See our page on trees to find the species that best suits your needs.

Make sure that the tree you cut will fit in your home–many people bring home trees that are too large since  trees appear deceptively small when they’re outdoors.

How to cut your tree

Please cut the tree close to the ground.  We have a waiver and instructions here and care tips here.

How to transport your tree

Most of our customers tie their trees onto roof racks, or put their trees in the back of their pick-up trucks.

What to do when you get your tree home

(printable PDFs)

Fresh cut tree care

Live tree care

What to do with your tree after Christmas

Check with your local waste management company for pick-up days or drop-off points.