Field Changes at the Farm

Just like last year, the high demand for northern grown trees and warmer local summers have resulted in less field grown trees available. The Scotch Pine trees have had a fungus blight that have now reached into our last field of Scotch Pine. We will no longer be planting Scotch Pine, but will continue to ship them into our barn lot. We planted 1,500 new White Pine and Norway Spruce seedlings this spring for future Christmas Seasons!

Our focus on customer services at the barn area worked out well last year and made things flow more efficiently. We will continue to keep improving ours services and welcome all commentary. As with last year, we are no longer cutting field trees and hauling them to the barn, however, you will still be allowed to go, yourself, to the fields and cut and haul a tree, if you so desire. We provide liability waivers and hand saws at the barn for customer convenience!