'Snowmound' Spirea Here at Twin H Tree Farm and Nursery, we are growers of landscape trees, shrub, perennials and Christmas trees. We do our best to propagate as many plants as possible on site in an effort to offer plants that are accustomed to our local dynamic environmental conditions. Beginning with our roots in Christmas trees 33 years ago, our enthusiasm for all things green has driven us to become a full scale nursey and garden center. We continue to grow Christmas trees and offer them for sale starting the day after Thanksgiving every year.

For the most part, we keep our growing methods simple while learning new methods to grow better and stronger trees and plants. 'Annabelle' HydrangeaWe grow some plants in containers and some in the ground on our 200 acre farm. Container grown plants are regularly potted up by hand to give the roots more room for development. Whether we are germinating seeds, dividing perennials, or striking roots on cuttings, propagation of new plants is an ever present priority on the farm.

In our garden center you will find items both necessary and fun for the garden. We offer tools made by A.M. Leonard, natural fertilizers by Espoma and novelties that will add life to your landscape or garden.

Variegated Solomon's SealOne of our primary goals is to establish extensive botanical gardens at the farm so that our customers can see just what our plants will do over time. This unique perspective gives us the ability to tell you everything you would ever want to know about our landscape specimens: the size when planted, soil properties and preparation at that site, techniques that we use to maintain health and form, and even potential problems and how to remedy them. There are already many full grown plants to see and learn from while we continue to expand our botanical laboratory.

Our customers include casual gardeners, first-timers, plant connoisseurs (like ourselves!), local garden clubs and charities, landscapers, and other tradespeople. Contact with such a diverse plant community allows us to keep our finger on the pulse of current trends, research, and concerns. If we do not have an answer to a gardening question, we certainly have the resources to find the answer. This is all part of our own education.

Life at the farm is very much a labor of love. We feel a connection to our work that allows us to celebrate our successes and learn from our failures. We feel ourselves growing alongside the plants and strive to bear the fruits that will benefit the environment around us.

Come out and watch us grow!